The PULSE Awards aim to continuously map the creative landscape of the vibrant Central European region. Thus they recognize outstanding achievements in three main categories: Architecture, Interior Design, and Product Design within the region of Central Europe: Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Austria, which together form the pulsating heart of Europe.

The three main categories have individual juries, each consisting of one representative from every country, alongside the head of the jury, who is based outside the region. The selection process has been designed to be straightforward and transparent. Every category, features two or three subcategories that showcases a wide list consisting of a maximum of 5 projects from each of the 5 countries. To be as clear as possible, every member of the jury (except the head of jury) is unable to vote for their national projects and products. The wide list was created by the PULSE team together with local experts and professionals from each country.

All three independent juries, comprising expert representatives from the five partner countries, chaired by a designated leader, individually selects the most outstanding projects and products in the fields of architecture, interior design, and product design developed in the region over the past year.

The JAN KAPLICKY AWARD, honoring a lifetime contribution, receives special attention.

Pulse Gala

PULSE GALA, a ceremony announcing the winners.
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, September 2024

At the PULSE GALA, winners will be ceremoniously announced across various categories:

  • Architecture (public construction, private construction, reconstruction)
  • Interior Design (public project, private project, reconstruction)
  • Product Design (product design, object of desire, promotion)

The awards include a Public Choice Award in each category and emphasize the prestigious JAN KAPLICKY AWARD for a lifetime achievement. The event will be held at the new Academy of Art, Architecture, and Design building in Prague. The university is an official partner of PULSE.

Jan Kaplicky Award
a Lifetime Achievement Award

The award celebrates the legacy of Czech visionary Jan Kaplický (1937–2009). His unconventional and uncompromising approach in architecture, interior design, and product design resonates with PULSE’s core mission. This prestigious award, presented at the annual PULSE GALA, acknowledges global figures in architecture and design whose creations break conventions and barriers, enriching the field with extraordinary interventions that often defy public opinion.

Jan Kaplicky Award

Architecture and design have always been, and will continue to be a symbiosis of human needs and the artistic expression of their creators. Only a few truly exceptional individuals have the ability to eternally inscribe themselves in history. The JAN KAPLICKY AWARD aims to identify and honor the masters who have made a lasting impact.

The award takes the form of an elegant champagne cooler crafted from Czech crystal, a variation of Kaplický’s design for the Lasvit brand. Its surface uses the same technology intended for the shell of Kaplický’s library in Prague.

Additionally, a jewel, also designed by Kaplický, symbolically adorns the lapel of the laureate, presented under the patronage of Eliška Kaplicky.

PULSE 2023

The PULSE AWARDS concept was presented at this year's pilot event. It consisted of a series of lectures PULSE TALKS and a gala evening PULSE GALA at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The speakers included the world-renowned architecture icon Daniel Libeskind, Judit Horváth, the head of the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts, and Adam Štěch, a leading Czech journalist and theoretician.

PULSE 2023

Thanks to the PULSE platform, the public were offered an opportunity to discover secrets behind the creation of globally renowned figures in architecture and design.

During the PULSE GALA, the JAN KAPLICKY AWARD, a lifetime achievement accolade, was presented to Polish-born architect Daniel Libeskind. The esteemed creator accepted the award alongside his wife, Nina.